My Pug AKU submitted by dieandsing

Puggy pie! 🐶

Can I help you with something? Can’t you see I’m busy here?! :3

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Heyo, now THAT’S a tongue! :]


This is my guy, Han! He loves being outside. submitted by indiana and han

Love this little squish-ball! ;D 

This is Bean — he likes to sit nestled in your lap and will force his way in even if it isn’t a convenient time for you, and who could refuse snuggles from him?! (We sure couldn’t!!!)

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Charlie likes to pretend her treats are Cuban cigars!
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Friends of squishfacedogs: Archie & Reggie

Introducing Archie and Reggie! Archie is a 10 month old Pug and Reggie is a 4 ½ year old English Bulldog. They are smushy squishy faced pals!

Thanks for sharing, Heather! ;D