Coming Home Rescue

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Squishfacedogs would like you to check out Coming Home Rescue. Coming Home Rescue is a New Jersey-based, all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to helping hopeless animals in the Garden State. Coming Home Rescue NJ has already saved over 375 little lives since starting in 2009. Please follow their tumblr, and visit their site! We’re sure they could benefit from a donation, and if you live in the area, they have Adoption Event days every Saturday! Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll find that squishy best friend you’ve been waiting for… ;P


Friends of squishfacedogs: Milo & Mischa

Meet Milo and Mischa, two cutesy pugs from Aberdeen, Scotland! Milo is 18 months old, and little Mischa is a baby puggy at 14 weeks! Thanks for sharing these adorable photos, Leona!



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Friends of squishfacedogs: Sid & Lola

From her post, Scrub a Dub Dub: Two Squishies in a Tub, Katie shares a wonderful and squishy photo with us — of Sid the French Bulldog & Lola the Pug!

Check out her website for more squishy cuteness and other beautiful photos at

Thanks for sharing, Katie! :D

Coolest dog on the street!

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Kings of the neighborhood.

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Big and Little.