Mr. Flatface!

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Everyone meet the Dude; AKA Russel The Brussels.

We were overjoyed when we saw this submission today!
Brussels Griffon dressed up as The Dude submitted by straylightphotostudio.
The Big Lebowski is one of the best films of all time and straylight got everything right!  They really captured the essence of the Dude.
White Russian, sweater, bowling ball, rug!!
Bravo! Bravo!

We are big fans of NYCBrusselsGriffon, and here we’d like to share her very own Griffon babies, Angus and Paco

Thanks for sharing, Deanna! <3 

Digby, the Brussels Griffon from the wrong side of the tracks. ;P

lmoses63 - Anybody have a Brussels Griffon?

Hi there!

We absolutely love the Brussels Griffon, though we don’t have one! A couple of our favorite Brussels Griffons are Austen and Digby. They are squishface stars, so have a look by clicking on their names! ;D


Friends of squishfacedogs: Digby

This is Digby, one heck-of-a badass Brussels Griffon from New Zealand!

His ma says, “Clearly he’s a bit of a badboy, demonstrating just why all the pointy faced dogs should cower in fear.” Oh, we’re cowering, too! ;D

- submitted by Dani

[Also, there are some pretty awesome custom prints of Digby here - check ‘em out!]

Friends of squishfacedogs: Austen

This little furry ball of attitude is Austen! He’s a Brussels Griffon, and he says “This is mah squishy face — my best angle!” You can see more squishy selections of Austen on his tumblr:

- submitted by Mel